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The construction of 5G base stations directly affect how 5G networks are deployed. Since the higher the frequency is, the greater the attenuation will be during signal propagation, and the more reliable and stable metal components such as PCB backplanes, AUUs, shielding covers, and heat sinks will be required.

However, because of the complex shapes, high strength material properties, and high requirement of the surface finish, these components are difficult to cast and process. This is why these parts are mainly based on milling, drilling and tapping to get a perfect product. However, as more processing steps are added, the lead time will be longer and the costs are will be higher.

In line with customer requirements, our proficient cast parts designers, metallurgists, process engineers create innovative approaches to refine designs, alloys choices and casting technologies. QMEX metal components will be guaranteed with better quality, high-performance, shorter lead time and lesser waste.


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