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Aviation materials and process technology are the two cornerstones of the manufacturing capabilities aviation industry. Aircraft performance depends on both design and materials. The quality of materials has significant impact on performance such as speed, altitude, range, maneuverability, stealth, service life, safety, reliability, and maintainability.

QMEX Technology has comprehensive expertise in high strength lightweight alloys that provide integrity and performance to meet various aerospace standards. Our sustainable metal components can withstand high dynamic loads in large temperature differences, which can be integrated into aircraft hydraulic systems, air systems, fuel systems, flight control systems, environmental control systems and auxiliary power systems.

Following are QMEX core areas:

  ▲  Key materials technology of a Aerospace engine;

  ▲  Applications of advanced aerospace materials and structural nondestructive testing technology;

  ▲  Research and development of the structure and properties of ultra-high-strength steels; 

  ▲  Applications of titanium alloy for additive manufacturing technology;

  ▲  Research and development of properties of nickel-based superalloys in high-temperature corrosion environments;

  ▲  The new technology of metal matrix composite. 

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