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''We do what we're BEST at while contributing to the green economy.''

High rejection rates, process inefficiency, high production costs, long lead time, price war, incomplete or missing process data, high emissions and expensive Carbon Capture & Storage installations etc.  All of these issues we have often experienced throughout our professional life. Therefore, we have a deep insight of the problems that you might be facing at present and in the foreseeable future. 

We are environmentally and cost-conscious metallurgy and casting experts in high strength aluminium, steel and titanium alloys. With our extensive casting technology and metallurgical knowledge, we develop and deliver durable, high-quality and lightweight castings for a variety of applications. 

Furthermore, we offer solutions and advice to foundries for environmentally conscious and cost-effective casting technology and casting processes to make high-quality castings efficient and deliver them quickly. Altogether, this promotes the quality of cast parts, reduces waste and CO2 emissions, thus saving considerable time and costs.

Our strength lies in sustainable and cost-effective materials and processes. By addressing every detail, we strive to develop the best metal components for you without unnecessary waste and environmental damage.


Producing without waste!


Committing to our vision “Producing Without Waste”, we focus on making GREEN cast parts in a uncomplicated and economical way, without unnecessary process, costs, and environmental damage. Every time and every step we take! 

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QMEX quality

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